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Commercial Inspections


Need an inspection?

Contact us to have your home or building inspected by a Licensed New Jersey Professional Engineer.

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Our engineers are also trained and experienced in evaluating commercial properties including strip and regional retail, office buildings, light and heavy industrial, institutional, warehouse buildings, large multi-family developments, and hotels. All of our commercial property condition assessments are performed to ASTM E2018 standards.

Our assessments can be tailored to the specific needs of our client. For example, with large residential apartment buildings it is oftentimes the case that we will examine a random sampling of the apartments. We can also enlist the services of reputable specialists or contractors who will accompany us on the inspection to evaluate large roofs, industrial chimneys, or other specialized systems and components. We can tailor our inspections of commercial properties and larger properties to meet the specific needs of clients and investors to lower the risks involved when purchasing larger properties.

Fire Escape Inspections

Fire escapes are like insurance policies. We don’t particularly like them or think about them, and we certainly can find better things to do with our money. However, like your insurance policy, your fire escape better be dependable and effective if you ever need it!


Many municipalities require fire escape inspections to ensure safe egress of occupants in an emergency. Our office provides fire escape inspections using a practical, common sense approach. Our inspections are performed by engineers on staff at a reasonable cost, and in a timely manner.

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