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Residential Inspections


Need an inspection?

Contact us to have your home or building inspected by a Licensed New Jersey Professional Engineer.


Walk Through Consultations

Can’t get a traditional home inspection because of a competitive home buying market? Get a top-to-bottom walkthrough with an engineer to look for “showstoppers”. You can take notes, record us, FaceTime/Zoom, ask us questions, and lower your financial risk. Feel confident about the bid you submit for the house.


No potential disclosure issues are generated for the seller. This is a “verbal only” inspection with no written report or photos given to you. 30+ minute walkthrough with an engineer starts $175 and you will receive a discount on a future full inspection, such as a post-purchase inspection.

Pre-listing Inspections

This is a note we recently received from an experienced real estate agent:

“We used your pre-listing inspection report as a marketing tool.  We had 75 showings in 3 days.  We had 14 offers and got $55,000 over the asking price!  I am convinced that if we did not have your inspection report we would have ended up with maybe $20,000 over asking.  Your inspection made a $35,000 difference by disclosing the good qualities of the house and by disclosing a few skeletons in the closets.  Your reports ABSOLUTELY bring in stronger offers!”

Not only does a pre-listing inspection bring in stronger offers, but it also relieves the seller and agents of significant liability.  If a buyer moves in and finds a foundation wall collapsing in the basement crawlspace or finds mold in the attic (both of which are real examples from recent experiences), the seller stands the risk of getting sued.  Even if the suit is unsuccessful, the financial and emotional cost of defense is significant.   

All-or-nothing Inspections

On luxury, rural, historic, depressed, and unique properties, more and more buyers have been including an “all-or-nothing” pre-purchase inspection as part of their offer.  They get an inspection, with the agreement that they will not negotiate the price based on the inspection findings.  They still have an option to “walk-away” if a large, costly issue is discovered.  This also relieves sellers and agents of liability.


Fortunately, we have seen a resurgence of this type of inspection.  Agents are encouraging buyers to pursue this option.  It is more agreeable to sellers as opposed to a traditional inspection contingency where the house price and/or credits are negotiable based on the inspection.


At least with the "All-or-nothing" arrangement, the potential liability to all parties involved is greatly reduced.  Everyone moves forward with peace of mind that the condition of the property is well known by the buyer because of a thorough inspection.

Post-Closing Inspections

With today’s housing market, most buyers cannot get a home inspection. New owners are left with many questions:

  • What did I buy?

  • How old is my furnace?

  • What do I need to do before winter?

  • Where is my water shutoff valve?

  • Is my attic okay?

Homeowners should get a “Post-Closing” Home Inspection to learn what is “under the hood”.  Inspections can teach you how to operate your home, prioritize renovations and improvements, and schedule maintenance. Buyers find these after purchase inspections very helpful and are excited learn more about their new home.  If large issues are discovered, it is better to know about them as soon after closing as possible, in case there is any potential recourse against the seller. The new buyer can obtain valuable advice on planning future renovations and prioritize improvements.


  • Does Oak Ridge Engineering have an affiliation with Real Estate Companies?
    No. Let us repeat that; NO! Although we enjoy a positive working relationship with the real estate community, our allegiance is always to our client. We are completely independent. The laws that govern our profession do not allow any financial relationship between home inspectors and real estate agents. Any home inspector who is paying advertising or referral fees to a real estate company is in violation of New Jersey's Home Inspection Advisory Statutes.
  • Why should I hire an Engineer, rather than just a Home Inspector?
    Even with a home inspector's license there is still a difference between a Professional Engineer and a Licensed Home Inspector. By law in practically all states, Licensed Professional Engineers are the only ones who can legally render an opinion as to the structural integrity of an existing building. The New Jersey Home Inspection Statutes limit home inspectors to "observing existing conditions" in the home. They may not evaluate the adequacy of the structural & mechanical systems that make up a home. For this reason, it is recommended that home buyers hire home inspectors who are Professional Engineers to perform their inspection.
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