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Mold Assessment


Need an inspection?

Contact us to have your home or building inspected by a Licensed New Jersey Professional Engineer.


Oak Ridge Engineering offers high quality Mold Assessment services. Mold assessment and mold remediation are the two phases of dealing with a mold problem.  


Mold assessment is a visual examination for mold to identify visible mold and to try and identify the causes and the solutions. A good mold assessor can take a holistic approach to eliminate the mold and prevent it from returning. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge of all aspects of building science and construction to eliminate sources of moisture and resulting mold. We are your advocate to eliminate mold economically and completely, and to prevent it from returning.


If the visual mold assessment determines that more analysis and data is needed, such as air sampling, surface samples, tape lifts, and laboratory testing/analysis, our assessors will let you know and recommend further steps. In most cases, these additional steps are not required.


Once a professional mold assessment report is generated, it can be given to multiple mold remediation contractors to get prices for the solution.  


Mold assessments also include checking the remediation work. Our engineers return to the property as your advocate when remediation work is complete to retest for remediation results.

If you suspect that a mold problem exists, we can help you determine if you have one. Solutions can range from a simple spot cleaning and running a dehumidifier, to hiring a licensed remediator to perform a large-scale remediation project with air doors, negative air pressure machines, HEPA filtration, respirators, clean suits, disinfectants, sealants, improved ventilation, improved HVAC systems, new flashing, vapor barriers, new insulation, and more.

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